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How To Prevent Dog Bites

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Dogs are virtually everywhere in our surroundings. While some may be calm and friendly, others are aggressive and wild.

To help prevent dog bites, it is essential for both adults and children to learn how to avoid dog bites which has in most cases resulted to severe injuries among people or even death. It is also the responsibility of dog owners to train their dogs and help keep them under control to avert the possibility of their dogs biting people. what to do if a dog bites you

Here are some ways that can help prevent dog bites for both children and adults:

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Know The Warning Signs Of Biting.

Dogs often try to pass information to us through their body language. It is therefore essential to understand their language and know whether they are anxious, afraid, or tensed and thus more likely to strike.  Avoid eye contact with a dog that is not comfortable as it may decide to strike as a form of self-defense. Signs of a stressed dog include:

  • Flicking of the tongue
  • Stiff tail
  • Tense body
  • Fierce staring
  • Growling

Don’t Run When Encountered By A Dog.

If you are encountered by a dog that seems agitated, don’t run. Dogs possess a natural instinct to run after their prey, hence running may trigger them to chase you and bite.

Seek Permission Before Interacting With A Strange Dog.dog bite treatment for humans

In most cases, not all dogs you will come across will be aggressive and ready to bite you. However, it is vital that you get to know from the owner if it is safe to approach the dog.

If you are allowed to interact with the dog, always allow the dog to get to know you before you start touching them.

They will do so by smelling you, and once they are comfortable that you are not a threat, you can now touch them and get to interact without being bitten.

Avoid Disturbing Dogs.

Never disturb dogs that are sleeping, eating, or feeding their puppies. In most cases, dog under these circumstances are most likely to be defensive and can attack and bite when provoked.

Socialize Your Dog.

Always walk your dog and allow it to meet different types of people under calm and positive manner. This will help it interact with people and become less aggressive thus reducing the chances of biting people especially strangers.

Last but not least, always keep warning signs if you know your dog is aggressive and is more likely to attack and bite people.

Reasons You Need Dog Poop Bags for Your Guide Dogs

A dog lover only wants what’s best for their dog. Whether their dog is situated in a guild or inside their house, they want their dogs to be clean and fresh and healthy. If you are that person that places for dog in a guide, then you need dog poop bags and here are the reasons why.

Dog Poo Bags

Easy to dispose

Cleanliness around your dog’s guild is a must for them to live healthy. If you are having a hard time cleaning your dog’s guide using a hose with water, then it is time for you to get a dog poop bag. Dog poop decreases the time of your cleaning sessions with your dog’s guide because they can just be disposed easily.

If you think that it is disgusting and gross, change your mind. This is the best and easiest way to dispose a dog’s poop because you don’t have to swipe them and throw them away, with dog poop bags all you have to do is get rid of the poop from the guild, throw them or flush them without having to smell the unpleasant smell of the poop for a long time.

Environment Friendly

When you are cleaning your dog’s poop with your traditional way and will just throw the poop out anywhere, it may not be healthy for the environment and for the people around who can smell the poop.

With a single purchase of dog poop bags, you are one step away of being one of the most environment friendly person because dog poop bags are made with compostable polymers, resin derived from plants and vegetable oils which can give you an easier access in dealing with dog’s waste and they can also break down easily because of its materials used.

You are not a contributor to the plastic collection of the world anymore instead you are someone who loves the environment.

They are cheap

Buying cheap items are most suitable for consumers and especially for someone who wants the best for their pets and for themselves. If you are looking for an inexpensive way of cleaning your dog from unpleasant view of their poop then go buy a dog poop bags, aside from giving you comfort and easier task when dealing with your dog’s poop they are also pocket friendly that is just right for you.

Some poop bags only costs about $4 which is worth the price when you want nothing but a good view of your dog from its guild free of dirt and all of its waste.

Easy to find

Your dog’s wastes are unpredictable, your dog can poop anytime, even in the middle of the night, early morning or late afternoon even if you have your visitors around.

If you are tired of sorting out things in the supermarket that can aid you when cleaning your dog’s mess, then you should select dog poop bags because they are convenient and easy to find. When you wish to find one right away, then you can go to the store near you and take a look and you will surely find one right away without needing to go further.

Also, if you are tired of going for your specific reasons, you can even have a door to door delivery by ordering online. All you have to do is simply search them on online shops like ebay and they can instantly deliver it to you, without you needing to go outside and having yourself exposed to the heat of the sun or coldness of winter.…

Proper Training is Necessary for Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are highly intelligent and clever animals. They are partially color blind and do not have the ability of reading or interpreting signs, but they are highly trained in navigating obstacles. Mobility training is important for guide dogs and the skills that they gain from this kind of training help them in guiding their masters. These dogs ensure that their handlers get to the location where they want to get in the safest way possible.

 What is Guide-Dogs Trained For?

Guide dogs carry out the task of directing their handlers around different obstacles. Therefore, proper training is necessary for these dogs. They need to be well trained and remain alert to various types of dangerous situations. Guide dogs are required to be trained at:

Ignoring Distractions

 Walking straight in line and ignoring all kinds of distractions like other animals and people.

Proceeding up and down stairs when told to do so.

Move Ahead

Walking at a steady and easy pace at the left side of the handler or in front.

Stopping at curbs until it is safe to move ahead


Moving forward or stopping and turning left and right on command and as per instructions.

Helping the handler in boarding public transport

Verbal Commands

Guiding the handler to the elevator buttons in case the handler needs to use the elevator

Being able to offer proper response to different verbal commands

Our Gallary

It is worth noting that these dogs will not be able to guide their handlers if their handlers do not know the right procedure of getting from one place to another. Guide dogs serve as pilots while their handlers are navigators.

Title: Exclusive Features of a Guide Dog

One of the most important aspects of training a guide dog is not having the dog disobeying any such command that would place the handler in danger. One such situation is crossing roads where guide dogs have an essential role to play. Since these dogs are color blind, they are not able to identify traffic signals and therefore their handlers need to judge the right time for crossing the road simply by listening to the traffic flow. Guide dogs will never cross the road when they are instructed to move forward, but there is some danger ahead.

Different Breeds of Guide Dogs

There are different breeds of guide dogs, and therefore when training such dogs, the trainers need to recognize the dog breeds that were perfectly suited for a particular task.

There are Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and German Shepherds and are selected as the best breeds of guide dogs. Collies, Dobermans, Poodles, Terriers, Boxers, and Airedales do not fall into the category of guide dogs.

Abilities of a Guide Dog

Guide dogs are very smart, and they have the ability of quickly learning the right procedure of leading their masters safely around obstacles. It is worth noting that guide dog training facilities also train them at intelligence disobedience. This means that if these dogs get certain unsafe instructions from their handlers, they are trained to disobey such instructions. Guide dogs are also trained in having flawless manners when they visit places like public accommodations, grocery stores, public transportation, and restaurants. These dogs also possess the ability to please their masters, and they always have the willingness to work.

Natural Ways To Prevent Your Dog From Contacting Urinary Tract Infection

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Urinary tract infection in dogs mostly occurs when your dog’s immune system is affected by bacteria. It is usually not easy to detect it in dogs, and most often there are no symptoms at all. Urinary tract infection causes pain during urination and can lead to other health-related problems on your dog. To prevent your dog from contacting UTI’s, it is advisable to take care of your dog naturally. Here are some of the ways you can naturally prevent your dog from contacting UTI’s:

prevent infection in dog

Provide Your Dog With Plenty Drinking Water.

In most cases, bacteria accumulates toxins and inflame the bladder making it easy to attach and invade it. By drinking plenty of water, those toxins will be diluted thus decreasing the chances of contacting UTI’s.

Groom Your Dog Always.

It is advisable that you always keep your dog as clean as possible to prevent it from being attacked by bacteria which cause infection of the urinary tract. UTI’s are most common in female dogs as opposed to male dogs due to the vulva’s shape and its proximity to the anus. Its wide shape makes a good entry point for bacteria from the anus.

Always clip the hair around the dog’s genital to minimize the chances of bacteria from the mud sticking on its private parts. Give your dog a good bath and maintain the cleanliness of its genital area.

Encourage Regular Urination.

The much time taken by urine in the bladder, the higher the chances of multiplication of the bacteria. Constant urination of your dog will, therefore, flash out the bacteria and prevent your dog from contacting urinary tract infection.

Give your dog a lot of opportunities for comfort breaks and make sure you let them out at night or early in the morning to prevent them from holding urine in their bladder.

 Feed Your Dog A Specialized Diet.

In case you suspect that your dog is suffering from urinary tract infection, it is essential that you ask your vet to prescribe an exceptional food for your dog that will help maintain the ideal PH of your dog’s urine. This food will be able to maintain the urine PH and prevent your dog from contacting UTI’s.

Always keep these simple preventive measures to avert the possibility of your dog contracting urinary tract infections.

How Do You Apply for Guide Dog

Guide dogs, popularly known as assistance animals, Seeing Eye animals, or service animals are specially trained dogs who are in charge of leading blind and visually impaired people by avoiding obstacles, stopping at curbs and steps, negotiating the traffic or even find a limited number of objects that are within sights when given orders.

A U-shaped handler is often used to foster communication between the dog and the blind or visually impaired partner. In this relationship, the human’s duty is to provide directional commands, while the dog’s role is to ensure the partner’s security even if it requires disobeying orders that aren’t safe to his or her partner.

These dogs comprise of large breeds such as German shepherd, Labradors, and Golden retrievers that are carefully bred, socialized and raised for over one year before they are trained for four to six months by professional handlers and later handed over to their visually impaired or blind partners.

Even though these dogs are trained to navigate through obstacles, most of them are red-green color blind and may not be capable of interpreting road or street signs.

Guide Dog Application

Applying for the guide dog

For one to apply for a guide dog, he or she must have proven to be blind or visually impaired. The application process involves a series of filling applications forms to training before the dog is handed to its handler.

Application process.

Applying for a guide dog is taking a big step towards achieving your desired lifestyle. Throughout the application process, you will have the opportunity to learn more about your desire, goals, and lifestyle. You will be able to understand your roles and how to take care of your guide dog. Below is the step by step process to help you when applying for a guide dog.

  1. Submitting your application.

After identifying a certified organization that offers guide dog services, you will have three options to apply for the dog. These include:

  • Completing an online application form.
  • Printing a copy and mailing it back to the organization.
  • Request a paper copy or complete the application over the phone by calling the agency.
  1. Phone Consultation.

After receiving and reviewing your application, the organization will schedule a phone consultation and discuss issues such as your motivation and support for getting a guide dog. Your travel practices and lifestyle. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about guide dog services.

  1. Additional forms.

You will be requested to provide the following forms:

  • Physician’s report-to be completed and signed by your health care physician.
  • Orientation and mobility professional report-required if you received training in regards to mobility for the last five years.
  • Mental health report.
  1. Home visit.

After successfully submitting all the required documents, a team of officials will visit your home for an interview. Among the details you will discuss are:

  • Your physical ability to work with a guide dog.
  • Your willingness to learn and care for a guide dog.
  • Any additional factor that will contribute to selecting a dog that suits your needs.
  1. Approval notification.

When your home visit has successfully been completed, and all forms received, you will be notified if your application has been approved.

  1. Class Scheduling.

Upon acceptance, you will be contacted to schedule a class date and campus location. An acceptance form and package of course materials will also be sent to you via mail.

  1. Training begins.

Having gone through the entire process, you are now at liberty to meet your new canine partner and begin a series of exciting educational experience.

Throughout the training period, you will be guided an how to handle your dog including all the commands to be used when seeking its services. Upon successful completion of the training, your partner will be handed over to you, and you will be free to experience every exciting moment of using a guide.…

Good Reasons To Get Guide Dogs For Your Home

Guide Dogs For Your HomeDog lovers know how strong the connection and love can be between a dog and its owner. It is a precious bond that makes the life more beautiful.

Guide dogs can be of great help to their owners and are very clever and intelligent animals.

The breeds that can be trained to be guide dogs are German Shepherds, Labradors, and Golden retrievers.

They are perfect for this kind of help since they love to help and be of service to their handlers. Once you hear all the positive effects they can have on your life, making a decision to get one for yourself can be a very easy process.

A guide dog can be your eyes you need

Doing everyday chores can be a lot easier with a guide dog. Going to a store can be much faster and easier once your dog remembers the way. He will get you there in no time. Besides, they go through a very thorough training to make sure they will not make you blush in front of strangers because of him.

Guide dogs come with impeccable manners. You won’t have to worry if you will have a pleasant stay at a hotel, a restaurant or enjoy your ride in a public transport. Their mission is to serve and to overcome all the obstacles you may encounter on the way and be completely uninterested in all kinds of distractions.

Disobedience that can save your life

When you hear word disobedience, it immediately has a negative connotation. No one wants a disobedient dog. You want your dog to listen to you, to follow your instructions, be close to you at all times and do as ordered. You want to control the situation and you are right. Handler is in charge.

However, what happens if the handler is wrong and not with a clear understanding of the situation? Well, the dog is trained to be disobedient in cases when the owner can be in danger. It is called intelligent disobedience and it is a quality that can literally save your life.

Lifelong companion

A dog is man’s best friend. It has been proven many times. People who have dogs live longer, make friendships easier, their immune system is stronger and they are overall much happier people. Having someone you can trust by your side is truly a gift that can enrich your life significantly.

People are more likely to approach people who walk with dogs. Many friendships start this way. This way, your personal social network will improve and the satisfaction will grow. Isolation is never a good idea. Exchanging ideas with people with similar interests will make you realize that you have support and that the possible problems you encounter in your everyday life are actually universal.

Superior Sense of Smell

Besides all the benefits, there is one more – dogs can detect if their owner has some health problem and react if there is something suspicious.

If you are allergic to some kind of food, they can warn you if there is even a shred of it in the food you are offered. Their sense of smell is truly amazing and they can remember the exposure to a certain smell, especially if they are trained to detect it. You will be able to relax a bit and rely on your little pal.

Add a little bit of exercise

Family Friend and protextionNo matter if you are about exercising, having a dog will make every day walks interesting and it will positively influence your shape. You will be more motivated to spend a day outside and a little bit of sun and long walks can do wonders for your mood.

Guide dogs are well trained and can be of great help to the owner. The imperative is that the handler is in charge. The only thing that they cannot help you with is with traffic signs. This is up to the handler to decide when is the right time to cross the street by the noises they hear.

It may take some time until everything falls right in its place and you start to function perfectly with the dog you have chosen. Taking all these things into the consideration, there is only one conclusion – guide dogs are perfect for every home. They are simply all about helping and being of service. With little care and patience, they can live a long and healthy life and be your partner in everyday activities.…

Formal Training for Guide Dogs

Formal Training for Guide DogsGuide dogs receive their directions and cues from their handlers. Thus, it is entirely upon the handlers when it comes to determining the routes that these dogs take.

Through repetition, these dogs might remember their routine course, but it is the responsibility of the handler to have a clear idea of their location.

Puppies chosen for transforming into guide dogs undergo a very intensive training that lasts six months. This is formal training that begins when the puppy is 16 to 18 months of age.

There are guide dog instructors who adopt the role of pack leaders and help these dogs in understanding commands and instructions.

Proper Procedure VitalThe Right Procedure for Training a Guide Dog

Positive reinforcement is the technique used for training guide dogs. It is important for every dog and its instructor to develop a working relation that is positive.

Instructors need to praise the dogs every time they take the right decision or show desired behavior.

By following this method, instructors can easily be successful at helping the dogs in learning the commands and instructions that come from their instructors.

Happily trained guide dogs will always demonstrate their newly acquired skills in the happiest way possible. Proper training helps the guide dogs in learning challenging and complex commands and carrying out the most difficult of activities.