3 Reasons Why Puppy Adoption is Necessary

Puppy adoption is necessary because it’s the right thing to do. You don’t only get to save lives and gives a homeless puppy a home, but you also get protect the rights of animals.

Torn between adopting and buying a puppy? You may just want to consider adoption. Here are 3 reasons why.

You Get to Save a Life

Did you know that over 2.7 million pets are euthanized each year in America? This is because there are too many pets in animal shelters and very few people to adopt them. When the supply surpasses the demand, something has to be done about it, and it isn’t pretty at all! If you are a pet lover, how about adopting a puppy or two this year? By doing this, you get to save their lives and even improve their quality of life as they will be part of your family. Moreover, this will open up more spots in the dog shelters.

It’s Cheaper

As a pet lover, you are faced with two choices when you decide to acquire one for yourself. This is always between buying and adoption. You might want to consider adopting a puppy because it will cost you less as compared to buying. Adopting will cost you about $ 50-$200, depending on if you got your puppy from a rescue group or an animal shelter.

The only costs you incur during adoption are vaccinations, micro-chipping and sprays or neuters. Adopting a trained puppy will save you the training and housebreaking expenses, which you can use to buy its toys and food.

You Take a Stand Against Puppy Mills

If you’re a pet lover, you must be against puppy mills. These are factory-style breeding facilities which put profits above the welfare of their pets. Puppies are put in very poor conditions with minimum social interaction and improper medical care. This leads to most of them getting sick and dying as a result. The moms are discarded once they stop breeding, as it’s no longer beneficial to the millers.

Buying a puppy from an online seller, a puppy store or a flea market only gets to benefit these puppy mills. By choosing to adopt, you deny these mills a chance to stay in business.…