Formal Training for Guide Dogs

Formal Training for Guide DogsGuide dogs receive their directions and cues from their handlers. Thus, it is entirely upon the handlers when it comes to determining the routes that these dogs take.

Through repetition, these dogs might remember their routine course, but it is the responsibility of the handler to have a clear idea of their location.

Puppies chosen for transforming into guide dogs undergo a very intensive training that lasts six months. This is formal training that begins when the puppy is 16 to 18 months of age.

There are guide dog instructors who adopt the role of pack leaders and help these dogs in understanding commands and instructions.

Proper Procedure VitalThe Right Procedure for Training a Guide Dog

Positive reinforcement is the technique used for training guide dogs. It is important for every dog and its instructor to develop a working relation that is positive.

Instructors need to praise the dogs every time they take the right decision or show desired behavior.

By following this method, instructors can easily be successful at helping the dogs in learning the commands and instructions that come from their instructors.

Happily trained guide dogs will always demonstrate their newly acquired skills in the happiest way possible. Proper training helps the guide dogs in learning challenging and complex commands and carrying out the most difficult of activities.